Maybe This Time by Kasie West

Maybe This Time
by Kasie West

I was excited to read this book. I’ve read the authors work before and enjoyed the books.

Sophie works for a florist so holidays are a busy time for her.
The job is okay but she really wants to be a fashion designer, and she needs college for that, so she is eager to leave and go to New York and school there, after she gradutes high school.

The new chef is going to work with her best friend’s father and she is thrilled that he might get help and become more established.

Micah is Sophie’s best friend and she is a great waitress. They’ve been friends for years.

Andrew is the new chef’s son, and to say he and Sophie dislike each other, is an understatment. More like hate at first sight.

I will say I finished the book in one day, but I will also confess that this is not a favorite of mine.

The enemies to……….

it just did NOT work for me at all.

I think Ms West was too heavy on the enemies part of things, so when it turned into friendship heading to romance, it just fell flat, no it just didn’t resonate or make sense to me at all.

I just couldn’t buy it. sigh

I didn’t like a lot of Sophie’s personality either.

so……….I give it a generous 3 stars and consider lowering it, but i will leave it at 3.

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