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Latest from the Blog

The Mirror S L Weiss

#TheMirror #NetGalley Missy’s mom gets her the perfect gift, with a surprise. Delia is in the mirror and she befriends Missy. Or does she? this book was quick to read and had surprises in it. i read book 1 and am waiting for book 3. If you like thrillers you will enjoy this book thanks…

The Night Before by Wendy Walker

I didn’t know much about this book before I read it. Missing young woman, who leaves on a blind date and does not come home. Her sister is frantic the next morning. that alone hooked me. And wow what a read! The book is told thru Laura and her sister Rosie’s point of views. They…

A road trip to remember by Judith Keim

I grabbed this book when I saw it available to review. The author is an enjoyable storyteller. It starts out with a road trip with Grandma Aggie and Blythe, sneaking away on a road trip. The characters were well written and I cared about them. I didn’t see a plot twist but I enjoyed it…

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